Dalton!verse AU zombie outbreak - drabble #1

Oh my god, I am enjoying writing these.

This one features Charlie and Justin.

Can you tell I like Chaz by the way I left him shirtless, wearing sunglasses, and swinging a bat here?

The sun was fierce today over the quiet and deserted town of Westerville, Ohio. Charlie Amos adjusted his shades as he and Justin Bancroft stepped on to the parking lot of the nearest Target to replenish their supplies. Charlie gave the strong metal bat he was holding a twirl before propping it onto his tanned bare shoulder; he had long forgone wearing a shirt since blood and zombie gunk were hard to clean out. The place seemed quiet. Almost too quiet.

"Tweedles asked if we could pick up some flour," Justin stated as they found relief from the blast of cool air that accompanied the opening of the sliding doors of the store. "Said they missed the smell of Kurt’s cookies."

Charlie nodded silently. Some sense of normalcy like a Windsor cookies riot would be nice. The pair paused, expertly scanning the area for any small movement. So far, none. They continued.

Justin yanked one of the red shopping carts nearby and began pushing it as Charlie pursued a list. They steadily trawled the aisles, piling six months worth of canned goods, junk food, tissues, water, electrical equipment, and ammo on to the cart. Both were silent except for the echoing metal rolling sound of the cart. They even threw in some new stuff to relax with like DVDs, music albums, and books. Once they were through picking up all the necessary supplies, Charlie paused at a certain aisle and Justin watched him take down a large bag of salt.

"What’s that for?" Justin inquired. Charlie returned to him and heaved the salt on top of mountain.

"Dwight," he replied. "He needs it." Justin did not push any further and continued rolling the supplies behind his partner. He already knew just how protective Charlie is over his Windsor boys, which eventually spilled over to the boys from other houses. Ever since the outbreak hit, Charlie became the big man who stood up and yelled orders and additionally, comforted the frightened younger ones. Following Charlie to the exit, Justin couldn’t help but admire his best friend rising up as a leader from that one terrible night and saved the entire boarders from zombie attacks.

Further zombie attacks, Justin thought grimly. They lost some good men.

A gutteral moan jolted the Hanover prefect from his thoughts and his hand flew to the pistol that was tucked by his side. A lone undead slowly ambled over to where they stood with its arm outstretched. A nasty rotting smell filled the boys’ noses. Justin was ready to pull the trigger when Charlie lowered his arms.

"I’ve got this."

Running a hand through his shaggy hair, Charlie waited till the zombie was near enough. At ten feet… seven feet… five feet, the Windsor prefect, also known as “The Boss” back at Dalton headquarters, swung his bat and gave a Thor-like blow to the head of the corpse. Mutated brain chunks and several broken teeth exploded out of its head before the body landed meters away from where Charlie had hit.

Justin shoved his pistol back into its case. “Good shot, Chaz.” He clapped a hand on Charlie’s shoulder, who only nodded in response and gave his precious bat a satisfied flip.

"Let’s go. There might be more." said Charlie.

They quickly wheeled the cart next to their pick-up truck and stored the loot at the back. After checking for anymore disturbances, Justin slammed his door close and revved up the engine. A Dalton “D” logo masterfully painted on the side of the vehicle flashed in the distance as the boys sped back to headquarters.


Note: Wes and David are in the next one. ^__^

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