The name is Lych. 24, a Dreamer, Philosopher, Bibliophile, Writer, and Adventure-seeker.

Pottermore username: RiverOwl13918
Dalton Scout nickname: Bailey

Things you will find here:
A series of posts about my experiences working in a big bookstore, Team Starkid, Glee (w/ subfandoms "Dalton", Warblers, Klaine), The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time (subfandom Captain Swan), Harry Potter, writing, My Chemical Romance, X-Men: First Class, James McAvoy, Sherlock, The Hunger Games, Broadway musicals, food porn, occasional random lovely photos, personal things, and respect for all.

Things you will not find here:
Drama, ship wars, fandom wank, bitching about fellow bloggers, and other BS.
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